About us

Masingo is a world-renowned designer and distributor of home karaoke systems. Masingo means you are about to create magical, musical memories with those you love most. Our unique collection of high-quality karaoke products will inspire your creativity, enrich your lives, and spark fun in everyone ages 3 to 103!


All About the Love

Here at Masingo, we love three things: technology, music, and family. We love technology because it enhances music, and we love music because it enriches family time. Each high-tech Masingo machine is a gift from our family to yours—a gift that provides hours of harmonious, wholesome fun. 

Standing Behind Each Smile

We ensure our stamp of approval not just on every model of machine, but on each individual order we sell. When you choose a karaoke machine from our extensive line of top-notch products, you know the entire Masingo family stands behind it (and dances to it, too!).